It started as a hobby, a hookah session with friends, and from that - a vision arose to create something classy and different.

Although the hookah market is diverse, we wanted to create something new, functional, but at the same time original and exclusive. A hookah that you can enjoy with friends and a design masterpiece that will dazzle and amaze you.

A shisha that will give you a new dimension of smoking enjoyment and will captivate all 5 senses of yours.

Exceptional quality and hand-made materials, such as high-quality beef leather or wood.

A seemingly accurate and clean curve, the unique design consists of a porcelain body and a hand-blown crystal vase.

The smell and taste will be stimulated by your favorite tobacco, which you enjoy.

And your ears will be pleased with the first puff, which will create a sound familiar to all users, which is an integral part of hookah smoking - pleasant bubbling.

Quality was crucial for us and that is why we chose purely Czech and premium materials for the production of our shishas, such as not only porcelain and Bohemian crystal glass, but also stainless steel, locally sourced wood or leather. 

At the same time, we wanted (not only) the customer to have the opportunity to create a unique masterpiece from their shisha, so the porcelain body also serves as a canvas, where it is possible to personalize the shisha body using hand sandblasting and dyeing. Thus creating a unique piece, whether for you, your home or a restaurant.

Our idea was to create a concept that we would get into the world for everyone to try. And today we can humbly say that it is working. SHISHA ORIGINAL products decorate restaurants, hotels and households around the world. The primary market for us are the Arab countries, where we currently supply most of our products.

Nowadays,  our concept consists of two full product series, MOOD and ARISTO, where we dare say everyone will find favorites. 

MOOD impresses with its simplicity and clean smooth design, while ARISTO is more dominant and distinctive, thanks to its massive porcelain body.

Our current goal is to expand the series with new product lines, but the goal is not to have a quantum of different types, but rather a few new original pieces!

And like that,  the unique concept and design of SHISHA ORIGINAL brand was created.

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