Most mouthpieces are made of glass, aluminium, or stainless steel, but the pure design and comfort is provided by the wood, which we've chosen as the material for our mouthpiece and the wooden underplate for any Aristo model. Polished to a shine, infused with several coats of water-resistant lacquer, decorated with a unique pattern and perfectly honed - all in maple or walnut wood.


Porcelain body

The body of SHISHA ORIGINAL is made of traditional Czech porcelain, which has always been a sign of luxury craftsmanship. Casting into plaster moulds and firing at temperatures of up to 1400 degrees Celsius, geometrically precise shapes are born.At the same time, this body creates ideal space for your creativity. The possibility to personalize the Shisha to your wishes through sandblasting, can make every single Shisha Original a unique masterpiece.


Stainless steel

All of the metal components of the shisha, such as the heart, top of the vase, downstem, body, hose port, and core of the mouthpiece are made from high-quality non-toxic stainless steel. Stainless steel was chosen for its excellent characteristics and its tolerance to water and water vapor. The carefully designed components lend Shisha Original its uniqueness and a touch of luxury in every puff. They are easy to clean and treated with non-toxic nanotechnology for better cleaning and maintenance.


Titanium coating

We have something special. Something that will blow your mind. Apart from our traditional materials and manufacturing processes we use an innovative approach when designing our shishas. Titanium coating is definitely one of them. Selected designs from both the ARISTO and MOOD lines are coated with a titanium layer. The benefits of the titanium layer include beautiful colour options ranging from gold, silver, sapphire and rose gold; ideal adhesion, hardness and abrasion resistance and finally, chemical resistance which is highly appreciated during the shisha´s regular cleaning.

Pure solid titanium is sprayed at high temperatures by bombarding ions accelerated in an electric field. At the same time, a reactive gas is introduced, which combines with the split metal particles to form a plasma which settles on the surface of the sputtered material. The result is a few microns thin, metallic, shiny and hard layer, which is indistinguishable from, for example, gold or silver.


Bohemian Crystal 

The glass vase is an essential feature of any shisha. We chose Bohemian Crystal glass for its eye-catching appearance, easy maintenance, durability and exclusivity. The Bohemian Crystal glass vase is brought to life in the hands of true craftsmen. First, the glassmaker creates the vase by blowing hot molten glass into a wooden mould. Then, with a glass cutter, a steady hand and an eye for detail, he transforms the glass into an artistic masterpiece. 


Leather hose

Hand-stitched leather hoses made of fine cowhide, representing precision and elegance. Practically, they allow for water-washing and easy maintenance. With their simple design and precise details, they are a great accessory for your Shisha Original.


Special wooden box for ARISTO

Optional accessory for demanding ARISTO customers. A bespoke wooden box where every part of our ARISTO shisha has its own place. Hand-knitted ropes serve as handles and the lid of the box is decorated with engraved SHISHA ORIGINAL logo.


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