Gusto Vintage Alien Bowl

  • Gusto Vintage Alien Bowl

Gusto Vintage Alien Bowl


Handmade shisha bowls

Finding a bowl that will perfectly fit your needs can sometimes be quite the challenge. Ever been there? Gusto Bowlscan solve this problem once and for all. Ukrainian Gusto Bowls are hand-modeled by pottery-wheel masters, making each product absolutely unique. Bowls are made from top-quality andhighly heat-resistant clay. They have thick walls that heat the tobacco evenly throughout the whole duration of smoking. These bowls will please both home smokers and shisha bar operatorswith their excellent characteristics and simple bowl cleaning.

The Vintage Alien model is a phunnel-type bowl that will delight both beginners and experienced shisha aficionados. The Kaloud Lotus HMS is also perfectly suited for them.

Height [cm]  11,5
Outer diameter [cm] 8
Inner diameter [cm] 7
Bottom diameter [cm] 2,4
Color brown
Type phunnel