We just opened our own shisha lounge!

We carefully craft our shishas. We combine the premium materials together and ship the whole package all over the world. Our customers love the Aristo and Mood models in world city centres, such as Dubai, Istanbul, Muscat, Teheran, Geneva, Hanoi, Bukurest and many more. But we craft our porcelain beauties in Brno, Czech Republic. And we were not able to point our clients to some great shisha lounge in our home city.

So we did it ourselves. And we created our own Shisha Original lounge & café.

SHISHA ORIGINAL Lounge & Café from Shisha Original on Vimeo.

But not just that. We wanted something more. In our lounge we pursued to mirror the details and quality of our shishas.
We can control everything from welcoming you in our doorstep to the best smoking experience possible. The selection of tobacco, alcohol, tea cocktails, even sushi were carefully refined to suit our high standard of quality. All these things mean our Shisha lounge is the best place where to experience our shishas for yourself.
And the best part? If you like it, you can immediately bring one home to enjoy!

Visit us at Husova 6, Brno, Czech Republic.
You will feel like at home.
You can find more information on Instagram and Facebook at @ShishaOriginalLounge