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As years-long fans of shisha smoking, we saw at the very beginning the possibility to create something really exceptional, unique, functional and affordable at the same time. Something that will help you make your day more pleasant, anytime.

And so we did it. An intensive, two-year development brought the first ever SHISHA ORIGINAL, of course in close cooperation with expert craftsmen and artisans focusing on each particular component of the shisha. This gave us a chance to meet all of our goals related to the aspects and properties the shisha

With traditionally Czech, and also world renowned, materials, such as porcelain and Bohemia Glass , we managed to create a shisha that gives you a unique sense of peace and quiet, not only thanks to the chosen materials, but mainly thanks to easy maintenance and smoothness of smoke draw.

Each and every component is carefully made to become a natural part of the whole. From the shape, depth of tobacco bowl and its location that ensures long-lasting flavor to uniquely shaped wooden handle which emphasizes the smoking experience. The whole concept was designed to express creativity, either on the porcelain body, which gives so much space to original graphic expressions or on the glass vase that, thanks to its size, allows the possibility to watch the water bubbling and see the smoke flow through.

Fifth Element

The elements represent the four basic principles of expression of energy that we can see interacting throughout our world. We ourselves intensely perceive these basic principles which we managed to transfer into both our product and into every aspect of the creative process of SHISHA ORIGINAL. The four elements are embodied in individual components of the shisha. At the same time, the properties of the elements also defined our goals, in the quality of finish, choice of materials, and mainly in the smoking experience itself.
The ample size of the vase allows the observation and listening to WATER bubbling which brings peace, purity and empathy.
The properties of EARTH, such as stability and creativity at the same time, are the main properties that show in the very design of the entire shisha.
FIRE is simple, pure and brightening. And it is simplicity that is the predominant feature of handling and maintaining the shisha.
AIR, for us here, represents the very smoking experience in delicate and elegant flow of the smoke.

So what is actually that FIFTH ELEMENT?

It is each of you, peacefully enjoying the smoke of our shisha.

The binding element that will enable you, with the help of properties of the four elements, break free from the hectic time and hardships that every day can bring. Its deep soothing effect will help you find stability and a drive to create. You have a possibility to experience the harmony of freedom.